Monetizing Content

Monetizing content?  It’s realy not difficult?  This is especially true if you’re at a point where you’ve perfected the product, now all you need to to is monetize it. If are looking for ideas in how to take the next step to online earnings then I invite you to continue reading and see wheter our platform is right for you.  Whether you have a subscription based business, or if you are the IT director for a media outlet, city or town, or a houses of worship, then I invite you to look at all the fetures that are available with StreamEasy and StreamEasy Pro.  Features like commerce integration, user & password protected, document loading and storage,  scrolling message board, chat and a host of ther features than keep on reading, click here, or here.

Now don’t take this wrong, but even if you are a beginner at monetizing content, not to worry.  We will assist you all along the way until you have what you are looking for.  We can assist you in understanding the steps you will need to take. Have you thought about making money with your video content, but the security and customized applications that are needed have either been too expensive or complcated.  You’re not the only one with that concern.  That was our thinking in developing our StreamEasy software. Now you can monetize your content in a single application that provides all the security tools you need. Of course there are lots of sites that allow you to broadcast your content free, however, free doesn’t provide you with opportunities you need to capitalize on your content.   When free is simply not good enough, then its time for StreamEasy.

Customizable for Any Purpose

Pay-Per-View live streaming


Closed Caption Streaming

The example above is just one example of how to maximize your content.

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