Our Experience


This overview of both our experience in this industry, and areas that we think are opportunities for us to generate income together, will shed some light on our wealth of experience.

WebcastsUSA has been in the web and application development business for 21 years.  Over the last 10 years my primary interests and focus have been in the delivery and monetization of video content.  I provided the first live streaming services for CBS & NBC in Boston, as well as designing and delivering video application software for the Boston Marathon.  I currently service a wide range of businesses that stream for conventions, churches, sporting events, government, videographers, and other assorted customer groups.  We also worked with some of the most talented network production specialists in the broadcasting field.  This unique experience has been an invaluable when it comes to an in-depth understanding of the how to deliver streaming content. This wide range of experience, and service are the core ingredients to the WebcastsUSA business model.

The backbone of our content delivery is hosted on the cloud with Amazon Web Services, and Wowza, both of which offer speed, reliability, worldwide reach, and are easily scalable. The application(s) that we have developed over the years have been innovative.  Our StreamEasy platform offers the following features:

  • Chat
  • PDF Documents Storage For User Reviews (town meetings, etc.) Streaming
  • Agenda Menu
  • Scrolling Message Board
  • Auto Storage
  • Auto Save
  • Instant Playback
  • Scoreboards For All Sports
  • Shopping Cart
  • Pay-Per-View (optional)
  • Scrolling Sermon (text) Interface
  • Individual Management Portal for Each Customer
  • Master Admin Panel to Instantly Create New Accounts and/or Streams
  • Player Code For Embedded Website Page
  • Commercial Free
  • Private Branding

Because all of the code has been developed by Webcasts USA, we have the ability to customize any application regardless of your industry type. 

In closing, If you are a small to mid-sized firm then you have run into the same dilemma I have with major Content Delivery Networks not having the programs for you to grow the bandwidth sales part of your business, and have concerns including putting content on the internet that is not privacy protected, laden with commercials, support that is slow in coming, or have other questions regarding how to open a new profit area for your business, then  give me a call because we have a solid solutions, unsurpassed experience, and a flexible, creative mindset towards establishing a business alliances with you. 

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