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Streaming Video Services keeps shifting. This is the case in terms of the aray of services that are available today. The definition that you can achieve using the new encoders that will provid eyou with the ability to streamin full 1080 HD.  Your limitations in streaming video are only tied to your local ability to send up content, and the equipment that you are using. 

 At WebcastsUSA we understand that implementing a live or on-demand streaming webcast can represent a learning curve. Standardized practices have evolved so that the tools to deliver video content over the internet.  Many people are still utilizing analog cameras, when HiDef is no longer a limitation. There is little reason to believe that the practices of today will not change tomorrow. We understand this because we were among the first in the streaming video services industry. When you’re an innovator that’s easy.

Today bandwidth availablity has increased allowing for larger files to be transferred.  1080 HD is no longer a thing of the feature. Along with HD, Closed Captioning and a host of other page applicastions provides for not only better quality, and opportunities for you to monetized your video, 

The experience we have comes from actually being in the field.  WebcastsUSA has provided streaming video solutions, written software code since 1995.  We’ve worked through the learning curves of this industry as trendsetters in the field.  We introduced streaming services to CBS Boston, NBC Boston, and The Boston Marathon.   The same solutions that are available to these organizations are now available to you.

You will lear to deliver quality content and provide eye-poping streaming video services. Our infrastructure that is focused on monetizing your video content, engaging your audience, and  is an affordable strategy for your success.  

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“Webcasts USA provided WBZ (CBS) our First Live Streaming Solution.  We found Them Innovative, Reliable and a Solid Partner For all of our Live Streaming Events.” – Peter Casey, Director of Programming, WBZ Boston.

“The Webcast USA  platform has made our partnership with them a significant part of our streaming services.” – Ralph Febbo, Nice Multimedia.

“Webcast USA is a proven solution.” – Mike Smith NBC Boston WHDH.

“Love the Service and Live Streaming Quality.” – Paul Nye, Greater Grace World Outreach, Baltimore MD